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Gillian Lip Nude Blacktube 6006_edited_edited.jpg


Founded in 2018 SHADE is an Online Makeup store offering the best quality products for every complexion.  SHADE is a business with a drive to continuously update and develop a wide range of products to suit a range of skin tones.  Shade offers 100% Cruelty,Vegan and Paraben free easy to apply makeup products at an affordable price. 

Mission: To offer various Shades of products suited for all skin types.



"My love for lipsticks led me to start my own business. I often used to go in different shops and it was sometimes difficult to find a shade which best suits my complexion this is when I decided to start my own lip-line which will be able to cater to all skin tones. " ____GNK

Why don't you try our lipstick range which have an intense pigment. 

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